Logo Development

People are busy and inundated enough with advertising that if you don’t stand out from the crowd, you will get lost in the woods. That’s why we create logos with life! In addition, Market Research has shown that customers definitely respond to strong and effective branding and make certain assumptions about your business based on your business logo before they have even experienced your product or service.

Logo Principles

A successful logo should include one or more of the following positive attributes. Companies that have large resources can be significantly hampered with a poor or overcomplicated logo that simply does not work. For this reason it is important that Omni Business Solutions designers follow some basic design principles that have stood the test of time and have been successful for some of the world's most memorable logos.


First and foremost the goal of logo design is simplicity in design. A logo needs to work across many different mediums to be successful. If a logo is overly intricate, it may work on a flash website but be very hard to distinguish on a business card or in a small newspaper advertisement. As such less is generally more when it comes to the number of shapes, lines and colors included. Color also needs to be kept relatively simple for most projects, as too many colors can often be difficult to translate on different backgrounds e.g. rainbow colors work on a white background but will not translate on an inverted dark background. All of these aspects need to be considered for a logo to be successful.


Equally important as simplicity is the balance of a logo. Balance in logo design means that the logo should have an even weight across the typography (wording) and symbol. There should not be an uneven feel about the design unless for an intended purpose. The logo should flow freely from symbol to text with a strong interconnection.


By impact we mean a logo that is instantly memorable. In this day and age of consumer bombardment in advertising across different mediums it is imperative that a strong and memorable brand is upmost in your designers mind.


There is no point getting an intricate and complex arty design if your company name is not even legible. The whole point of business logos is to get your message out there boldly and consistently. An example of this kind of understatement is a trend by some large companies that spend millions on advertising only to be so subtle with their branding that the audience totally misses their target brand.

Credibility Based

Logos should be credibility based, as this is the foundation of any business especially when trading over the Internet. Credibility comes in many different forms depending on your industry. For example high tech companies want to be credible but also portray innovation and modernity so we would use a modern but credible design. On the other hand a financial institution or related business needs to communicate stability and reliability through strong and stable symbols and fonts.

Consistent Branding

Once your logo is completed it needs to be applied consistently to all your Marketing Materials in order for the message to get across effectively. A business should always ensure that all communications no matter how big or small, even at the internal level always include the company logo.
Omni Business Solutions logo designers will speak with you in detail about your logo and organizational needs before work begins. We will discuss your scheduling and budget needs to make sure all of your expectations are satisfied. Omni Business Solutions logo designers are very creative, we have a wide range of styles and experience to help you form and design your logo, and identity. Your logo is a fundamental part of your business or organization's identity. Your brand's quality is represented by the quality of the logo.
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