Cybersecurity Risk Management GRC Partnership with Fortify1

Monday, November 11, 2019 - 14:15
Atlanta, Georgia, November 11th, 2019 – Omni Business Solutions, Inc., a diverse award-winning IT Solutions and Outsourcing Company, announces its partnership with Fortify1 Corporation to complement their cybersecurity portfolio for their clients in the United States. Fortify1 provides a cloud based holistic Cybersecurity Risk Management platform that offers risk assessment and compliance advisory services to assist clients with navigating the regulatory environment and risk management oversight.
The escalating list of high-profile data breaches victimizing organizations such as British Airways, Target Stores, Capital One, Adidas, Washington Post, eBay, Mandarin Oriental Hotels, Equifax, Facebook, Marriott International and many more could be evidence that the cybercriminals are winning. Large organizations have always focused on managing risk, but despite these and countless other costly incidents and attacks, many organizations have not yet fully integrated cybersecurity risks into their overall enterprise risk management frameworks. The prevalent and ever-expanding threat of cyber-crime suggests that comprehensive strategies for cybersecurity are now essential for all organizations.
The Fortify1 Cybersecurity Risk Management platform has robustly transformed how leading executives and stakeholders engage in enterprise risk management, commonly referred to as the nontechnical side of cybersecurity. Omni Business Solutions eagerly looks forward to partnering with Fortify1 to provide their clients with an increase of awareness and greater management overseeing Governance, Incident Response, Risk Assessments and Risk Mitigation with a simplify approach.
Jerry Vigil, CEO of Fortify1, said: “There are a number of business concerns over cyber threats and risks throughout enterprise risk management frameworks. We are delighted to be working with Omni Business Solutions. For corporate risk and compliance officers who depend heavily on the protection of their resources, Fortify1 is the ideal choice to assists with data collection, analysis, and helps simplify processes across multiple security frameworks at once. Our aim throughout this partnership is to bridge the gap and bring Omni Business Solutions client’s the most significant and cost-effective approach that protects their businesses.” Tom Ramar, SVP - Business Development of Fortify1 also conveyed: “The Fortify1 platform was built to manage project management and risk issues for cybersecurity professionals and executive stakeholders. As more regulatory requirements are established into the marketplace, organizations are being asked to manage additional risk. The Fortify1 Platform is designed to help organization address their expanding risk needs and manage their processes for a more robust business. Upon completion of our global distribution offering, we will also look forward to serve their multi-national clients.”
“Taking in consideration of the estimated average cost of a data breach will be over $150 million by 2020, with the global annual cost forecast to be $2.1 trillion. Omni Business Solutions recognizes the need for innovative technology solutions to manage risk in a highly dynamic and complex business environments. As risks grow more interconnected, siloed approaches to GRC are rapidly giving way to more integrated solutions. The Fortify1 cybersecurity risk management solution divides organizational silos, enabling a holistic and collaborative approach to risk management. Clients can efficiently obtain operational GRC from across the enterprise and transform it into actionable business intelligence to support decision-making. Our collaboration with Fortify1, promises to deliver on our commitment to our clients’ needs by granting strengths and flexibility through greater risk assurance.” Said Nelson Brown - CEO of Omni Business Solutions.

About Fortify1 Corporation
Fortify1 Corporation delivers cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) built to assist companies in enhancing security posture and to demonstrate diligence within their cybersecurity practice. Fortify1 provides a simple holistic approach to cybersecurity program management with its application by providing a sound framework for implementing a strong cybersecurity practice of tracking and establishing activity related to security technology initiatives, governance, assessment, risk remediation, controls cataloging and testing, compliance, cyber incident response planning and program management utilities. Our unique solution provides assurance to leadership in managing cyber risk. As we like to say, “Businesses put cybersecurity programs in place to defend assets, but can the business defend its cybersecurity program?” For more information, please visit:

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