New IT Leasing and Financing Division

Thursday, November 1, 2012 - 23:30
Ellenwood, GA., November 1st, 2012 – Omni Business Solutions, Inc., a United States, Atlanta, Georgia based IT Solutions and Outsourcing company, announces its’ new IT Leasing and Financing Division in association with Synnex LEASEstation. It’s no secret! Most businesses throughout the United States must work within tight budgets and often have limited spending allocations to support their IT demands. Disbursements for IT equipment and projects can be difficult to secure. Creative leasing options can enable organizations to offset the cost of IT projects, validate gains over time and improve the return on investment. Omni Business Solutions and LEASEstation combined provide an opportunity for all organizations to optimize their value streams and improve their operating margins without exceeding their budget. LEASEstation financial platforms provides evidence-based optimization so the lease can be directly linked to the recurring gains of hard and soft costs associated with many IT projects.
“After meeting and having several exchanges with Ken Brokaw – General Manager for Synnex LEASEstation, We are very confident that these innovative and flexible financial options will fit our customers’ needs,” adds Nelson Brown-President | CEO, at Omni Business Solutions, Inc. Whether the preference is an operating or capital lease or the client provides a down payment or not, LEASEstation can help organizations preserve cash flow and work within their budget limitations. In addition, LEASEstation will also combine soft costs associated to the hard cost of the lease.
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About LEASE station
LeaseStation is a nationwide leader in providing business solutions for technology equipment manufacturers, distributors and product resellers with sales financing solutions for their customers. LEASEstation maintains relationships and develops financing programs with leading technology equipment manufacturing and reseller companies that can enable increased sales while providing equipment leasing and financing to businesses of any size across all industries that facilitate the purchase of equipment according to their needs.
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About Omni Business Solutions Inc.:
Omni Business Solutions, Inc. is a highly motivated and diverse IT Solutions and Outsourcing Service Company. Our Corporate Office is located in Metro Atlanta, Georgia United States; also occupying offices throughout the North America. Omni Business Solutions is an Accredited Business with an ”A+” Rating with the Better Business Bureau. Omni Business Solutions, Inc. is registered vendors with several state entities. In addition, we are also a registered vendor with the Central Contracting Register (CCR)/System for Award Management (SAM) to provide goods and services for all entities of the United States Military and Federal Government. We hold partnerships, certifications and memberships, with the world’s most renowned IT companies, associations and organizations to provide solutions and services to world distinguished organizations in various vertical markets.
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