Omni Business Solutions International Partnership with Moxtra

Wednesday, May 3, 2017 - 11:45
Ellenwood, GA. USA, May 3rd, 2017 – Omni Business Solutions, Inc., a diverse IT Solutions and Outsourcing Company, announces its International Partnership with Moxtra Inc. Moxtra comes from a rich heritage of collaboration experts tracing back to WebEx Communications Inc. Moxtra’s co-founder and CEO, Subrah Iyar, is a pioneer in the software as a service (SaaS) space. He was the Cofounder CEO of WebEx until its 2007 acquisition by Cisco Systems for $3.2 billion.
Moxtra offers streamlined Media-Rich Messaging, Document Management and Conferencing Suite into one seamless unified application platform. It’s equipped with military-grade security, fully encrypted and administrable, and wholly auditable. Moxtra not only boosts intra-office communication and mobile productivity, but also enhances external communications streamlining business workflows, task management, and collaboration. Moxtra makes teamwork easier and faster by giving you, your team and clients all the tools needed to collaborate, right at your fingertips. It’s no longer necessary to manage countless applications to get work done with other people in your workplace or on the go.
“I met with the Moxtra Team, Jonathan Evans – Moxtra’s Director of Strategic Partnerships, Matthias Broner - Head of Product Marketing and Phillip Wing - Global Technical Solution Manager. Passionately I conveyed, Omni Business Solutions has many partnerships and we find some of them mundane, with limited sales compensation, partial marketing resources and restricted sales territory vs. the opportunities we engage. Omni Business Solutions has clients in North America and abroad, we will expand our international client relationships and require our partners to have the agility and resources to support them. Mr. Evans response was equally passionate and sincere by stating “Mr. Brown, consider the Moxtra/Omni partnership being boundless and borderless. We can adapt your vision and support your strategic initiatives throughout the world. We will work alongside you to integrate a custom solution, and offer pricing that aligns with your business model. Our approach is completely unique to each partner.” I was quickly intrigued by their approach and commitment to our success. Moreover, I was very delighted to embrace Moxtra’s partnership and offering. Says Nelson Brown – President | CEO of Omni Business Solutions, Inc.
Subrah Iyar CEO of Moxtra says "Moxtra is a business collaboration service built for the mobile era. Business users need to collaborate externally and internally through conversations, supported by business documents and content. The Moxtra service enables business conversations with multi-layered document and content interactions. These interactions support unstructured document workflows and are bite-sized, contextual, and on-demand. The use-cases for Moxtra center around feedback and approval workflows for mobile documents and content. Moxtra’s capabilities are delivered as embeddable SDKs or as an application that can be white-labelled."
Unlike most embeddable technologies, Moxtra doesn’t charge until the client solution is in market and gaining traction.  Revenue sharing enables Omni Business Solutions to reap maximum profits from increasing their offering. The Moxtra solution can be deployed fast, without hiring additional engineering resources or incurring large upfront costs. The Moxtra platform will deliver a high-performance service that scales as our customer base grows.
About Moxtra Inc.: Moxtra Inc., designs embeddable cloud collaboration platform for the mobile world. The company offers Moxtra, a mobile-centric social collection and collaboration application that provides cloud-based project binders for managing, presenting, and sharing personal and professional files, photos, and video. Its application enables users to collect diverse types of digital content, access remote files on desktops, personalize content with voice, and share content publicly on social media or collaborate selectively. The company was founded in 2012 and is based in Cupertino, California with additional offices in San Diego, California; Shanghai, China; and Bengaluru, India. To learn more visit:
About Omni Business Solutions Inc.: Omni Business Solutions, Inc. is a diverse IT Solutions and Outsourcing Service Company. Corporate Office is in Metro Atlanta, Georgia United States; also, occupying offices throughout the North America. Omni Business Solutions has an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, and a registered vendor with various state entities. In addition, a registered vendor with the System for Award Management (SAM) to provide goods and services for all branches of the Federal Government and United States Military. They hold partnerships, certifications and memberships, with the world’s most renowned IT companies, associations and organizations to provide solutions and services to world’s distinguished organizations in various vertical markets.
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